About Us

‘I have to build my country’ cherishing this dream Nikhad Food Limited with a group of young entrepreneur is going on to make an adulteration free food sector.

Our Vision

‘To make a disease free healthy world.’

Our Goal

‘To achieve a safe food revolution by producing and marketing adulteration free food.’

Our Products

At first we collect the raw materials from the farmers, producers & vendor directly. Then we deliver the products to the consumer from door to door by scrutinizing, filtering, processing and packaging. We have no mediocre from the production to the marketing. For this we are able to sustain the dignity of the products as well as achieve satisfaction by delivering to the consumer at a standard rate.

Nikhad food Limited is going ahead with some companion for mankind alone with mankind’s love.

Nikhad Food is always on your side to protect your health.

Nikhad Food Safe Food.

Customer Reviews

Below are a few of the reviews that brought some recent issues to light for our business.

Munsur Ahammed

``I am verymuch satisfied to use all item of Nikhad Foods.Their quality is upto the mark.Purity of their mastard oil pleased us,after a long time we get the original taste & flavour of mastard oil.as well as their Honey no doubt it,s Super fine. Once upon a time I live in Khulna, then I collected original honey from Sundarban,I got that taste from Nikhad,s Honey. Nikhad should continue their this type of quality. Thanks again to Nikhad Foods for their pure & quality products.``

Munsur Ahammed
Marketing Manager at Total Healthcare Ltd.
Col (Retd) Engr. Muhammad Ataur Rahman

``Engineer Azijul Islam, Managing Director, Hadid Engineering Limited was one of our working partner in Engineering related works while I was working in Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited (ABFL) as Operative Director (Project Implementation). Needs to be mentioned here that he was very sincere and honest in his works.<br /> One day we were catching up and on the phone he mentioned that they have started a side business where they are producing food items and the Company name is ``Nikhad``(নিখাদ) Food Limited. Considering his previous sincerity and honesty I decided to order for some items. I then ordered for four items from Nikhad which were Ghee, Mustard seed oil, Honey and Nigella seed oil. Honestly speaking these items reminded me of the pure taste we used to get in our village home as children. It has been a very long time since I tasted something like this. Specially taste of Mustard seed oil and ghee was too good. It was exactly like the ones which are freshly grinded from Mustard seed extracting/pressing Machine called Ghani (ঘানি) which used to be done by Cow not by any other mechanical Machines and that is very rare now.<br /> Now in case of Ghee, as if it is produced from cattle milk like in the village our mother/sister used to produce by hand in a smaller scale for their own consumption only, not for any commercial purpose.``

Col (Retd) Engr. Muhammad Ataur Rahman
The Bangladesh Army
Sumon Mallick

``Natural, Pure & Safe these three word defines Nikhad to me. From the very start of their journey I’m taking almost all the items from their product line. Specially their honey has unparalleled quality. I take this opportunity to wish Nikhad Food ltd. a very bright future knowing that they have all the potentials of becoming a premium food product in Bangladesh.``

Sumon Mallick
Architect & Partner at Insync Design Studio
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